Evaluasi Kinerja Layanan dan Tingkat Kepuasan Pelanggan Angkutan Penyeberangan Amolengo-Pure Provinsi Sulawesi Tenggara

  • La Ode Ahmad Rasyid
  • Irwan Lakawa
  • La Ode Musa Rahmat
Keywords: Satisfaction Level, Facilites, Services


Indonesia is a large country that is widespread with it’s islands and is
a country traversed by the Equator, so sea transportation has an
important role to play in connecting one area to another, considering
that Indonesia has a very wide ocean. One of the means of sea
transportation that is widely used by the community is the ferry. Ferry
is a type of sea transportation that can be used as passenger and
goods transportation using certain routes or routes. With the
existence of the Ferry port, it can increase the acceleration of
development in the area, especially Amolengo Village, Konawe
Selatan Regency.
The Amolengo ferry port is a port that serves the crossing of
passengers and goods that connects the South Konawe mainland and
its surroundings with Buton Island, where the destination port is Pure
port. The quality of good service provided is one of the determining
factors for the success of the company. The research method is
arranged by interviewing respondents by answering the questions on
the questionnaire. The analysis was performed using Importance
Performance Analysis (IPA) and the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).
The results of this study indicate that the consumer satisfaction index
on the performance of the Amolengo - Pure Ferry Port, Southeast
Sulawesi Province is 84.6% and is in the range 0.81 - 1.00 indicating
that consumers are very satisfied with the service quality of the
Amolengo - Pure Ferry Port, Southeast Sulawesi Province.