Pengaruh Penambahan Admixture Terhadap Kuat Tekan Beton Dari Berbagai Merek Semen

  • Dian Fitrawansyah
  • Irwan Lakawa
  • Sulaiman .
Keywords: Admixture, Damdex, Tonasa, Bosowa, Tiga Roda


Tonasa cement, Bosowa cement, and Tiga Roda cement have
diffenrence characteristic from procedure to produce and
composition of ingredients, the difference are probably reach the
diffenrence respond or effected from three brands are mixed from
admixture to be a mix concrete. One of the commonly admixture and
easy to find is Damdex Brand that can increase the strengthness of
the concrete. The aimed of this investigation to analyse the effect of
admixture (Damdex) variation toward concrete compressive strength
by comparison the cement brands.The methodology of this
investigation is experiment method or material test in laboratory.
The concrete compressive strength will calculated during 28 days
age, after giving an admixture (0%,1%, 1,5%,2%, 2,5% dan 3%) with
different brands cement variation,but composition of Concrete such
Agregat and Water are same from each treatment. The sample from
each treatment totally 3 tested samples. The result of this
investigation, Tonasa cement is increase with concrete compressive
strength from highest of admixture (Damdex) from admixture level is
2% which gain compressive strength 385,24 Kg/cm2 or increasing
amount 23,52% from normal concrete compressive strength.
Bosowa brand is increase with concrete compressive strength from
the highest admixture ( Damdex) the level is 2.5 % with compressive
strength gain is 338,00 Kg/cm2 or increase amount 10,15% from
Normal concrete compressive strength.Compressive strength of
Tiga Roda brand also gain increase from admixture with highest
level is 3% which 354,35 Kg/cm2 compressive or increase amount
18,60% from normal concrete compressive strength