Kajian Infrastruktur Transportasi Darat Dalam Pengembangan Wilayah Kecamatan Tongauna Kabupaten Konawe

  • Eko Efendi Juantoro
  • La Ode Muhamad Magribi
  • Irwan Lakawa
  • Sufrianto .
Keywords: Perception, Inhibiting Factor, Asphalting


The development of rural areas from the agricultural base sector in
the field of food through land transportation infrastructure is the
main focus of this research. The location of the object of research
was Tongauna District, Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi
Province. which is the background for site selection because the
majority of the people in Tongauna are farmers and the Tongauna
sub-district is the district with the largest production of lowland rice
commodity in Southeast Sulawesi province which can be an
agricultural base sector. Land transportation has become a very
important media that supports the mobility, connectivity and
accessibility of agriculture so as to increase the productivity of
leading sectors of agriculture that have an impact on the
development of the area of Tongauna District