Studi Kelayakan Pembangunan Hotel Sutan Raja Di Kota Kendari

  • Syamsuddin .
  • Sunaryo .
  • La Ode Musa Rachmat
  • Sufrianto .
Keywords: Feasibility, hotel, devlopment


Hotels are one of the accommodation business entities that use part

or all of their parts as lodging services, food and beverage service
providers, and various other services for the general public which are
managed by commercial means. Sutan Raja Hotel is one type of star
hotel that will be built in Kendari city and it is hoped that this hotel
can help improve the welfare of the people of Kendari City. Building
a star hotel in a developing city like Kendari is not an easy matter,
because in the construction of a hotel, it must also pay attention to
the feasibility of building the hotel, both from the market, financial
and technical aspects.
The purpose of this research was to analyze the feasibility of
developing Sutan Raja Hotel in Kendari City based on market,
technical, and financial aspects. And to find out information and
input to the owner whether the construction of Sutan Raja Hotel in
Kendari City is feasible to be implemented in terms of market,
technical, and financial aspects.
The results of the technical aspects show that the construction of
Sutan Raja Hotel in Kendari City is feasible, because it has a strategic
location to carry out a business investment project for a hotel, with
the distance around relatively close to the tourist attractions and
other entertainment places. From the market aspect to get hotel
rooms rented at star hotels in Kendari City, it is found that the
number of hotel rooms to be rented at Sutan Raja Hotel Kendari City
is 12,370 units per year and will increase by 200-300 units annually
for 25 years of operation . The feasibility assessment of the project
proposal was carried out an analysis, namely NPV was generated Rp.
320,941,000,000.00 (positive NPV) as desired, BCR obtained 2.55
greater than 1, IRR obtained 26.512% greater than the 12%
commercial interest rate