Analisis Produktivitas Tukang Batu Bata Pada Proyek Pembangunan Asrama Puteri Mandala Wangi 2 di Kota Kendari

  • Al Mustahyun
  • Sunaryo Sunaryo
  • La Ode Musa Rahmat
  • Sufrianto Sufrianto
Keywords: Productivity, Bricklayers, Projects


Productivity is one of the fundamental factors that influences
the ability of performance in the construction industry. Increased
productivity will reduce work time, and will reduce costs, especially
labor costs so that the minimum labor cost is obtained (labor costs)
to get competitive prices both for auction and implementation. The
purpose of this study is to analyze the labor productivity time in
completing 1 m2 of masonry bricks and to analyze the productivity
value of brick masons in completing work activities in the construction
project of the Mandala Wangi 2 female dormitory. The results showed
that the time required to complete 1 m2 of brick laying work was 41.13
minutes on average. The productivity of the artisans working on the 1st
floor is an average of 1.45 m2/hr. Meanwhile, the productivity of
craftsmen working on the 2nd floor is an average of 1.47 m2/hr.