Korelasi Nilai CBR Dengan kepadatan Lapangan Subbase Course

Studi Kasus: Ruas Jalan Tugu munajah Kabupaten Bombana

  • Hayadi . .
  • Irwan Lakawa
  • Sulaiman .
Keywords: Correlation, field density, carrying capacity


The durability of the road flexural pavement structure is largely
determined by the performance of each layer. One of these factors is
the strength and resilience of the subbase. Compaction in
accordance with applicable standards will produce roads with good
quality so that the road life is longer and there is less damage. The
purpose of this study is to analyze the carrying capacity using CBR,
the value of the field density with the sand cone test and the
correlation of the CBR value and the Sand cone value of the B grade
foundation layer on the Tugu Munajah network. The research
method used is laboratory and field testing combined with a
descriptive statistic approach.
The results of the study indicate that the carrying capacity using the
CBR amounted to 55.02% <60%, the density value field with sand
cone test of 72.50% <90%. Correlation of CBR and Sand cone value at
the base layer (sub base course) is very strong at 0.998.