Analisis Banjir, Faktor Penyebab Dan Prioritas Penanganan Sungai Anduonuhu

  • La Ode Munawal Akbar Idati
  • La Ode Muhamad Magribi
  • Irwan Lakawa
Keywords: Curah hujan ekstrim, Faktor penyebab banjir, prioritas penanganan banjir sungai


Anduonuhu Village is one of the areas in Kendari City that has been

affected by flooding in the last 10 years. Data of fload events
occurred in 2013 and 2017. Based on the Data of the Kendari City
Enfironmental Status Report in 2010, the distribution of potential
areans prone to flooding in the city of Kendari, Anduonuhu subdistrict
2 (two)
359.817 ha.

The purpose of this sudy is to analyze extreme rainfall over the past
10 years, to analyze the factors that cause flooding and the priority
of handling the anduonuhu river. In analyzing, the autors collect
data by conducting field surveys and collecting data on gydrology,
tophography and land use at the study site.
The results of data analysis show that extreme rainfall in the last 10
years at the study site occurred in 2013 amounted to 191.6 mm.
factors causing flooding at the study site were caused by extreme
rainfall inundating the Anduonuhu watershed and land use change.
The priority handling is done by modeling scenarios with
normalization and river embankments.