Pengaruh Cangkang Kerang Laut Terhadap Kuat Tekan Beton

  • Neti Rahmawati
  • Irwan Lakawa
  • Sulaiman Sulaiman
Keywords: Additive, Concrete, Compressive Strength, Shell Powder


Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials today in
terms of physical construction. Concrete is made from a mixture of
fine, coarse aggregate, cement, and water with a certain ratio, as
well as materials that are usually added to the concrete mixture
during or during mixing, to changing the properties of concrete to
make it more suitable in certain jobs and more economical, can also
be added with certain other mixed materials as needed if deemed
necessary. Seashells can be used to mix concrete. This study aims to
determine whether the addition of shells aggregate shells in a
concrete mixture can affect the mechanical properties of concrete.
The specimens used are in the form of cubes with a size of 15cm x 15
cm x 15 cm, consisting of additional concrete coarse and fine
aggregate with shell substitution percentage of 0%, 15%, 20% with a
total sample of 45, with the planned concrete quality of K225. The
use of sea shells in increasing the compressive strength of concrete is
better used as fine aggregate than coarse aggregate. The use of sea
shells as a substitute for fine aggregates achieves maximum results
at 20% composition.