Analisa Angkutan Sedimen Pada Hulu Bendung Aepodu Kabupaten Konawe Selatan

  • Ramadhan Hidayat Putra
  • Amad Syarif Syukri
  • Catrin Sudarjat
  • Vickky Anggara Ilham
Keywords: River, Sediment, Weir


Research on Aepodu Weir Sediment Transport Analysis in South
Konawe District, based on observations in the field, Aepodu Weir has
a sediment buildup that has now exceeded the height of the weir
light house. The purpose of the study was to analyze the magnitude
of Aepodu river flow and to analyze the amount of sediment
transport that occurred in the Aepodu dam. The method used to
determine the amount of bed load transport uses stchoklitscht, while
for transporting suspended load using forcheimer.
The results of the analysis of the average flow of the Aepodu river
were 3,604 m3/ second. Sediment transport that occurs in Aepodu
weir is Bedload transport (Qb) of 291625.771 tons / year, and
suspended load transport (Qs) of 16972,423 tons / year, so that the
total sediment transport (QT) is 308598,194 tons / year.