Kekuatan Calon Independen Di Tengah Pertarungan Dukungan Partai Politik

Studi Kasus Pasangan Calon Independen Pada Pemilihan Serentak 2020 Di Konawe Kepulauan

  • Ales Ales
  • Amiruddin Amiruddin
Keywords: independent candidate, Konawe islands, political parties, local elections, candidate for district head


The purpose of this study is to find out how the strength of independent candidates is in the midst of a battle for political party support and what are the factors that influence the vote acquisition of independent candidates in the 2020 simultaneous elections in the Konawe Islands Regency. Judging from the electability and political image of the independent candidate, this is quite good. This is of course seen from the public's response and also seen from the vote acquisition they have, which is 29% and another strength possessed by the independent candidate pair is to carry out a campaign directly by visiting homes. residents and also to several villages as well as indirect campaigns using social media to campaign and also create the FBW TV Channel to introduce themselves and seek support, this is a strength and differentiator from other candidates. Internal factors, namely the goals and Vision and Mission are quite good according to the community where this independent candidate is in making work programs by looking at what the community and millennials need, not only that the birthplace of this independent candidate is also a factor in the high vote acquisition. External Factors The image and reputation of these independent candidates is what differentiates them from the candidates promoted by political parties. Where this independent candidate is known to have good and populist characteristics and is also a former BAPPEDA whose policies are not so controversial in society and also the credibility of the independent candidate that is owned is no longer in doubt. the person is known to be both intelligent and also good at speaking and able to lead the Konawe Islands Regency.