Perspektif Hukum Pelaksanaan Bongkar Muat Barang oleh UD Maju Pelabuhan Langara Kabupaten Wawonii

  • Muhammad Fitriadi Fakultas Hukum Universitas Sulawesi Tenggara
Keywords: Unloading, Loading, Port


This study aims to find out and understand how in the execution of loading and unloading carried out by UD Maju at the port of Langara. Juridical approach is used to conduct research on the object of research by adhering to existing legal regulations, while the normative approach is legal research that uses primary data. and analyzed qualitatively and this study uses normative juridical data, namely explaining problems with theoretical aspects as a rationale, then increasing on matters that explain the reality obtained in the field. The results of the study indicate that in the implementation of loading and unloading at UD Maju using mechanical and non-mechanical equipment, in determining the tariff for loading and unloading the principle has been regulated by the Government through Decree of the Minister of Transportation No. KM 14 of 2002 that the tariff for loading and unloading services from and to ships is determined on the basis of a joint agreement between the provision of loading and unloading services and service users based on type and structure. Implementation of loading and unloading goods in ports includes stevedoring, cargodoring, and receiving/delivery.