Evaluasi Kinerja Angkutan Logistik Melalui Bandar Udara Haluoleo Dengan Metode Importance Performance Analysis Dan Customer Satisfaction Index

  • Sudirman .
  • La Ode Muhamad Magribi
  • La Ode Musa Rachmat
Keywords: Performance, Logistics, Importance Performance Analysis, Customer Satifaction Index


Performance Evaluation is a system and how to determine the work of
individuals, employees, work units and organizations as a whole that
are used to ensure the achievement of goals and objectives.
The purpose of this study is to analyze the level of importance
and customer satisfaction on service and position of each variable
when associated with performance indicators and service user
satisfaction in the terminal of Haluoleo Airport cargo.
Performance Evaluation at Haluoleo Airport Logistics Terminal
can be measured by several indicators to determine the level of
importance and satisfaction felt by the customers. To know the level of
importance and satisfaction in the use of approach through analysis of
Importance Performance Analysis of interest analysis and performance
analysis, each using a 5 Likert scale. Based on the analysis, the value of
customer satisfaction is 88%, which means the service criteria are very
satisfied and the quality of service at the Haluoleo Airport cargo
terminal is in very good condition based on the user's rating. Overall
the value of customer satisfaction for service performance is 0.88 with
the criteria of service users feel very satisfied for the performance.