Persepsi Pekerja Terhadap Faktor Penghambat Pelaksanaan Pengaspalan Jalan Benua – Basala Di Kabupaten Konawe Selatan

  • Astin .
  • Sunaryo .
  • La Ode Musa Rachmat
Keywords: Perception, Inhibiting Factor, Asphalting


The problem of construction project is very complicated and complex
so that required a good management function that is planning
activities, implementation activities, and control activities. A project
is categorized as successful when appropriate cost / budget, timely
and quality.
The purpose of this study is to analyze the perceptions of workers on
the inhibiting factors of the asphalting implementation and to
analyze the factors that hinder the project implementation based on
the perception of workers on the paving of Benua - Basala toll road
in South Konawe District.
The research method used is interview method using kuisioner with
sample of research is worker, where the analytical technique used is
descriptive method and factor analysis method with the help of
program SPSS version 16.
The result of this research is the perception of the worker to the
inhibiting factor of project implementation ie the material factors;
Labor factors; Equipment factors; Financial factors; and
Environmental factors.